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Right Share Adj. Calculator

What is Right Share?

Right share is share which the company provides a right to buy share directly from company for existing shareholders in the proportion of their existing holding within the fixed period of time. Right share are generally issued at a discount to the current market price issued at face value ie Rs.100. Right share are transferable to others if needed.

Advantages of Right Shares

  • The right issue is a fast source of raising funds
  • The right issue incurs low cost
  • The right issue provides an option for the shareholders to maintain the same ownership
  • Raise funds without a form of debt
  • The board of directors can not misuse share issuing option

How is Right Share Adjustment Price calculated?

To calculate Right Share Adjustment Price, you need to use the following formula.

Adjusted Price
Market Price
Paid up value
Right Share
Right Share

How to use Right Share Adjustment Calculator?

To use Right Share Adjustment Calculator

  • Enter Market Price (Before Book Closure) value
  • Enter percent of right Share
  • No need to press equal button. (It is automated)
  • The final result you will see is Market Price After Right Share Adjustment.
  • To Clear calculations press CE button